EFI Automotive

Who are we ?

EFI Automotive is a family company that has been a first and second-tier independent component supplier for more than 80 years. Today, it operates internationally to be as close as possible in serving leading automotive manufacturers and working with them to meet the challenges of a worldwide industry. Our drive for innovation is at the heart of automotive challenges. It focuses on sensors, actuators and intelligent location service systems for applications that contribute to engine (internal combustion, hybrid and electric) and transmission efficiency and improve vehicle comfort and safety.
Although we are fundamentally manufacturers and automobiles have always been our raison d’être and driving force, our culture has always been a customer-focused service company first and foremost. Herein lies our main competitive advantage.

EFI Automotive does not just have a set catalog range. Our watchwords are listening, empathy, dialog and building one-off partnerships with other component suppliers to provide “made-to-measure” solutions. We are always trying to anticipate our customers’ needs. We work with them in giving form to their specifications with a positive, pro-active, forward-reaching attitude.

This innovation and service culture, allied with manufacturing excellence, makes EFI Automotive a company with a strong personality and loyal, long-term customer base.

Welcome to a manufacturing company that knows how to give meaning to the word “service”. Welcome to EFI Automotive.

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