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Field Application Engineer

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Main Work :

Promote EFI technologies and product portefolio, defend existing projects and look for new opportunities.

Prepare with the support of EFI technical team the most appropriate technical answer to the customer


Main responsibilities :

Manage the relationship with current and potential EFI’s Key Customers :

  • Create network on customer side with advanced research department, development center and project team.
  • Present and teach to customer our new technologies/products/views/approaches/solutions to get new business in line with the sales strategy
  • Support and participate to regular technical day in customer side and Exhibition.

Identify opportunity in customer side and promote EFI’s products/technologies:

  • Identify opportunities of developing new projects on customer side with the support of the marketing department.
  • Identify the needs of new product and new functions on customer side.

Ensure transmission of customer information to EFI teams :

  • Report to Marketing department about any new information about competitor and market information.
  • Provide to sales team, marketing department and technical teams technical information related to customers applications
  • Be in connection with others EFI Field Application Engineers located in other areas to support the group worldwide

Manage the Customer’s technical question and request : 

  • Answer to the customer to all technical question for Advanced Project : RFI and RFQ.
  • Work with EFI technical people like RFI/RFQ team, Electronic Engineer, CAD engineer, laboratory and Prototype team to prepare the most appropriate technical answer to the customer.

 Respect the EFI standard in terms of quality, security and environmental  :

  • Inform or report any dysfunction which should impact product, environment and or security for the people

Responsibility and authority  :

  • Support Key Account Manager to submit offer in accordance with the Procedure for Contract Review (03021)

Reporting :

  • Make a report for each meeting with customer and share to the appropriate EFI’s people.
  • Monthly report to follow : Advance program/RFI / RFQ pipe and any Activity with customer….


 Field Application Engineer Performance indicator :

  • Advanced program pipe
  • RFI/ RFQ pipe
  • RFI RFQ Success Rate
  • Intake order

Job requirements :

Background and/or Experience: Good Engineer with 5 years of experience. Mechanical and/or electronic general training.

Special knowledge (language, computer skills …): Fluent German, and English.

 Characteristics skills (interpersonal skills…): excellent capacity to listen and dialog